Zepi:Music Zepi:Music

Unveil all your musical talents! Create your own musical improvisations with ‘Themes’ and ‘Instruments’. Or just get relaxed with ‘Simple Sound’. The aim of the game is to build the longest possible chain of bubbles by tapping the skins of the same color. The more bubbles you burst, the more points you earn. Enjoy good GameCenter support and various achievements!

Attention! The game hides many a musical surprise! With ‘Themes’, use your accurateness and musical intuition. Those who enjoy improvisations are sure to love the game. Unleash yourself!

Zepi Music is of great educational value as it encourages the following important skills (both for children and grown-ups):

1.It develops musical rhythms;
2.It develops your music ear;
3.It encourages interest in cultural information, including the history of the best musical compositions of different genres and styles;
4.It practices basic math skills (addition, multiplication, progression, and functions);
5.It develops creativity of mind and provides space for musical improvisations;
6.It practices and improves attention as well as mental reaction time.

  1. I've played lots of different games that are on the AppStore and I've yet to find one that is as addictive as Zepi. That's because it works well and will have you hooked straight from the first chain that you create. That's because as soon as you start you'll want to keep on to getting a better score. You'll play, and as soon as you've lost, you think that you can do better, and better, and better. This won't stop, and it's this that has you returning back for more every single time

  2. This game has a twist in the normal Zepi games. Touching the notes produces sounds each. It was weird but enjoyable. I played this game on the bus.

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