Zepi:Kids Zepi:Kids

Attention, kids and parents! Zepi:Kids is for all of you: flamboyant colors, cool sound effects, nice visuals, and easy gameplay! We bet you won't be bored! Children can practice their attention, mental reaction time, and elementary math skills! Parents are sure to join for competition … Go and check who is more dexterous and faster, you or your kith and kin. Adults will have fun too! Oh, charming Zepi, I love you!

* Simple and exiting gameplay both for children and adults
* Much space for improving the playing style as well as strategy
* Beautiful graphics and sound effects
* Choice of graphic modes (Classic/Cool/Bugs)
* Simple-to-use menu and controls
* Detailed How To
* You can either tap or slide your finger to make chains
*Points for each chain are displayed right away
*Multitouch function: now you can make several chains at once
*Special bonuses for long chains (Good!Great!Excellent!Brilliant!)
*Terrific SuperBall power-up to help you score more points!
* Thirty (30) unique achievements
* Game Center included for Leaderboards and Achievements
* Facebook/Twitter support

  1. The unique themes make this like 3 games in 1! This is a really cool match game! Try it! Also, you should try the other 4!

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