Zepi:Free HD Zepi:Free HD

Zepi:Free HD is a free-to-download version of Zepi puzzle app for iPad that features the most crisp Zepi graphics, nicest sound effects, and even some of power-ups. Just tap or slide the bright skins on the screen as quick as you can and link them into long chains. Make use of the Rabbit Hole for challenge and fun! Tap, relax, enjoy!

  1. This game is like a fluid, constantly moving Bejeweled or Collapse… Graphics are wonderful and controls are intuitive. This is what I, 25 year old professional female, look for in a game.

  2. This game is sooooo goooood!!! It's great bc it doesn't consume much time at all to play a couple of games and get back to whatever you were previously doing. And, if you were doing nothing wasting time, you will be glad to through in a couple of more games :)

    The one minor tweak I would suggest is updating the in game pausing mechanism. It takes too long to hold down the button as it is currently set up. I realize that tapping the button would interfere with the game bc of accidental touches, but maybe you could create a mechanism that requires the player to press two parts/corners of the screen simultaneously. I believe this correction would make the game FLAWLESS!


  3. I thought this game was great fun! Great for quick game or a finger busting marathon in my opinion.

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