Zepi:Classic Zepi:Classic

Do you want to prove that your fingers are the fastest in the world and your reflexes are the quickest in the universe? Welcome to try out Zepi – a fun exciting brain game for players of any age.

The basics are to make as long as possible combos of same color objects on the screen. The faster you tap/slide the skins, the more points you score. Different bonuses will help take the leading position in GameCenter Leaderboard quite after a while. Unique achievements provide more excitement and challenge for gamers who love to unlock them. It takes some 5 minutes to set a new world record! The game offers gorgeous graphics, choice of graphic modes, and great sound effects. Zepi is an ideal game to fill up free minutes with cool entertainment as well as slight intrigue in any place and time. Tap/slide, relax, enjoy!

* Simple and exiting gameplay both for children and adults
* Much space for improving the playing style as well as strategy
* Beautiful graphics and sound effects
* Choice of graphic modes (Classic/Cold/Bugs)
* Simple-to-use menu and controls
* Detailed How To
* You can either tap or slide your finger to make chains
*Points for each chain are displayed right away
*Multitouch function: now you can make several chains at once
*Special bonuses for long chains (Good!Great!Excellent!Brilliant!)
*Terrific SuperBall power-up to help you score more points!
* Thirty (30) unique achievements
* Game Center included for Leaderboards and Achievements
* Facebook/Twitter support

  1. This game is like a fluid, constantly moving Bejeweled or Collapse… Graphics are wonderful and controls are intuitive. This is what I, 25 year old professional female, look for in a game.

  2. This game is sooooo goooood!!! It's great bc it doesn't consume much time at all to play a couple of games and get back to whatever you were previously doing. And, if you were doing nothing wasting time, you will be glad to through in a couple of more games :)

    The one minor tweak I would suggest is updating the in game pausing mechanism. It takes too long to hold down the button as it is currently set up. I realize that tapping the button would interfere with the game bc of accidental touches, but maybe you could create a mechanism that requires the player to press two parts/corners of the screen simultaneously. I believe this correction would make the game FLAWLESS!


  3. I thought this game was great fun! Great for quick game or a finger busting marathon in my opinion.

  4. There are just some games that manage to do simple things and be great. Zepi is one of them. They gameplay is just simple, just touching the balls. But the game has a colorful presentation, adding to that its themes, just makes this pick up and play game a lot more fun and really nice to have in those moments when you only have a minute to relax with something.

  5. Simple addictive and frantic!!!
    Wonderful concept well executed. A perfect game to just waist hour honing skills and building reflexes going for the highest score in the world!
    Well worth the price.

  6. Very innovative match 3! Challenging and strategic – you will definitely have fun with this game.

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