Zepi:Urban Zepi:Urban

Zepi Urban is a new version of Zepi that is all about urban graphics and designs. A fun and fascinating game that tests your fingers speed full of cool surprises. Train your reaction skills and have a good time with Zepi.
– Simple and exiting gameplay;
– Rabbit Hole (that is always ready to help you);
– Crazy Rockets, Time Pills and M.O.A.Bs (Mother of Atomic Bombs);
– Dangerous Viruses and Death Pill;
– High quality urban graphics and sound effects;
– You can either tap or slide your finger on skins;
– Special power-ups for long combos (Good! Great! Excellent! Brilliant!);
– SuperBall bonus;
– GameCenter support (Leaderboard, Achievements);
– Facebook and Twitter integrated;
– Great time-killer: play any place and time, it takes just 5 minutes to set a new world record!

Tap same color balls, make as long as possible combos and score as many as possible points. Keep in mind, there is a Rabbit Hole behind the central button – just open it and you will see plenty of Time Pills, Crazy Rockets and M.O.A.B`s to rescue you. Remember that only M.O.A.B`s can destroy Death Pills! Be careful and don`t push on the Viruses because they can blow up. Destroy them using Crazy Rockets and Time Pills or by holding them about 10 seconds. Good luck 😉

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