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Crazy about hot dogs? Crazy about loosing weight? – Snack Life HD – tons of delicious food and ZERO CALORIES – Play and get slim! It is truly your game !!!

  1. Awesome Game!
    Zepi:Dark is one of a series of 3 games. They all have different themes. So far, they are:
    Zepi:Spring –
    More of a pretty, nature themed game.
    Zepi:Dark –
    Darker, Gothic and Halloween style game.
    Zepi:Classic –
    Classic Puzzle game design.
    First, let me just say that the gameplay is really great for these games.
    This is the type of game that is fun for ALL AGES, No doubt about it.
    Second, Each of the 3 games comes with 3 different graphical themes. The sound effects change for each theme as well.
    Not only are all of the sound effects very cool, but the graphical themes look great.
    As I play these games, I do sort of wish that they could have been packages as downloadable content in one single app-package.
    I would gladly pay the extra to keep downloading more themes.
    The only reason I say this: The iPod is very limiting on how many pages of games You can have and these three games are so cool, it's nice to have them all installed at the same time.
    Maybe someday they will come together in a bundle, who knows.
    On another note, the developers are very friendly and active in forums. They also resopnd to questions quickly.
    I am impressed with the whole experience, and when something like this happens, it's very easy for me to give out 5 stars.
    Highly Recommended fo All Ages!
    Keep up the great work guys!

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