Zepi:Ultra HD Zepi:Ultra HD

Everything is mixed in human life – feelings, thoughts, music, money, school, garbage, words, food, love, hospital, cemetery, policemen and firefighters, politicians and clowns, laugh and tears, and games, games, games … Different emotions, different ideas, different styles…Try to understand that, baby! Tap/slide your finger on the screen within just several minutes to discover the true meaning of fairy-tale styles of Emo, Psychedelic, and Urban! Don’t spare your fingers, baby, tap/slide, relax, enjoy Zepi!Ultra!

– simple and exiting gameplay both for adults and kids;
– high quality graphics and sound effects;
– choice of graphic modes (Emo/Urban/Psychedelic)
– you can either tap or slide your finger on skins;
– special power-ups for long combos (Good! Great! Excellent! Brilliant!);
– The SuperBall bonus;
– many unique achievements to unlock;
– RABBIT HOLE (!!!);
– good GameCenter support (Leaderboard, Achievements);
– great time-killer: play any place and time, it takes just 5 minutes to set a new world record!

  1. I’ve been searching for years trying to find the perfect app where I just can sit back, relax without having to focus too much. This is the perfect solution.

  2. when I was playing this I lost track of time, it’s that fun. I was happily passing the time aiming to spend a few minutes in exploring but before I knew it, hours had passed. …

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